Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Contemporary, Clogging, Creative Expressions


Pre-Ballet and Rhythm and Coordination

Introduction to ballet terminology with thythmic skills. For 3-6 year olds.


The foundation of all dance forms. Class includes: barre, center practice, port de bras, turns, petite and grande allegro. Classes are offered for 7 years old through adult.


America's folk dance - a form of dance in which the feet make rhythmic sounds. Both Broadway style and Rhythm tap are taught. All classes include warm ups, usic and counting, combinations, and across the floor. Classes are offered for 4 year olds through adult.


A classification shared by a broad range of dance styles such as Luigi, Bob Fosse, Jack Cole, Matt Mattox just to name a few. Class includes: barre, streches nad arm ups, combinatins in the center and across the floor. Classes are offered for 7 year olds through adult.


Street dance styles performed to hip hop music. It includes a wide range of styles including popping, locking and breaking which all became popular in the '70s. Preferred age 4 and above.


A dance style created from the fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary. A strong and continued ballet background is essential to participate in lyrical classes.


A technique of classical ballet work in which the ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of the fully extended foot. Many years of qualified technical ballet training must be accomplished before a student is able to perform en pointed correctly without injury.

Musical Theater

A form of theatrical performance that contains one or more of the following: singing, acting, and or dancing.


A form of dance in which clogs or heavy shoes are worm for hammering out the lively rhythms. Clogging originated in the 1700s when the Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch-German were settling in Appalachian Hill Country and combined their foot tapping styles.


Classes are held in 6 week session and are only help upon availability.

Swing Dance

A group of dances that developed from the swing ero - Lindy Hop - Balboa - West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing and jitterbug. Classes are held in 8 week sessions.