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Marjorie Reminiscing (2003)

Marjorie I took lessons from 7 to 16 from Georgia McClure McLaughlin. She seemed like a sister to me. She loaned me a formal for my first holiday dance. In the fall of 1933 she called to know if I could take over for a couple of weeks while she went in the hospital for tests but she passed away at age 29 from cancer. So here I was with a dancing school and her pupils. I was younger than many of them.

I had planned to go to college to be a math teacher, my favorite subject in school. After teaching my junior and senior years at Lash High, I knew I really liked teaching dance!! My first two recitals were at Lash High followed by 5 years at the Wellar Theatre. By this time the new auditorium was finished. After having Union Stage help at the theatre, I have always had them. I trust their judgment and expertise.

The summer after my junior year, I know I had to go to NYC (1934 and I have never missed a summer since!) Georgia had studied at New Wayburns (a Ziegfeld Follies Director). Mother accompanied me. We had never been out of Ohio. Quite an experience. Traveled there by bus and stayed at the YWCA at Lexington and 38th St. I was fascinated by NYC. Took Ned Wayburns month-long Teachers Course. The faculty was wonderful and in a modern studio at Madison and 58th St, walked to and from every day. That's how I learned NY streets.

Georgia always sent me a postcard from NY so I followed her lead. I still send cards. In the beginning, I wrote them by hand, a few each day (cost $.01 card and $.01 stamp). Now I have them printed and it costs $.37 to mail.

NY has changed over the years. The Rockettes had started at Music Hall the year before I went over. I loved Radio City Music Hall and the Broadway Musicals.

In 1941, I started classes from Jack Stanly, NYs most outstanding tap and jazz teacher. For 25 years, I demonstrated for Mr. Stanly at all the National Assoc. of Dance Masters all over the country. Quote an experience!

I bought materials for costumes from Dazians in NY and one of the employees told Mother I should join Chicago National Assoc. Of Dance Masters and I could stay with her in Chicago (1941). In 1991, I received my 50 Year Pin from CNADM, all the while I was studying with Robert Jaffrey Ballet School and other well known NY teachers.

Dance Educators of America asked me to join as I was always there for Mr. Stanly's classes. In 1952, I joined Dance Masters of America & Ohio, was asked to teach for the Ohio Chapter before I was a member. In 1998, I was chosen "Member of the Year" and last summer I received my 50 Year Pin in NYC. To become certified, you must pass exams in all subject taught (oral, written and demonstrated). Butch will received his 25 Year Pin next summer in Las Vegas. Butch and Trudy took lessons from age three to college. Butch has been my Associate Teacher for 30 years. Trudy also. Both are certified!

People ask when I'm going to retire. Who knows? I discovered years ago that my purpose in life was to teach the students to love the Art of Dance as I've always loved it....and still do.